The costs involved for one Franchise are as follows:

1. Entry Fee: 4999 PLN per 150,000 Inhabitants

The entry fee covers the complete know-how and all the documentation that you need in order to start-up your own Language School for Children (educational, organisational and marketing). In addition to this are an introductory training, area protection, advice and support from the Franchisor and the use of the brand. For more information, please request our Information Brochure. The entry-fee is a once-off fee.

2. Start-up Costs

The start-up costs depend on your goals and overall strategy and are therefore based on individual circumstances.

Would you like, for example, to begin with or without your own premises? Does this premises need to be renovated? How would you like to furnish it? How high are the rental costs? Or, would you like to work from a shared office or have your own home office?

What else would you need in order to run your business and which resources do you already have?

Consider also sundry expenses as part of the start-up costs, such as travelling costs to Berlin for training, overnight stays, initial printing costs or the costs of registering your business.

We will define and calculate the start-up costs together with you for your business plan.

3. 10% Commission

After beginning running operations, a 10% commission fee will fall due to the Franchisor. 2% of this is for advertising, which will be reinvested into the central marketing fund by the Franchisor.