"As a businessman it’s great that I can use - Languages for children to run my own company without having to have an in-depth knowledge of education. The courses are taught by native speakers, educational material is supplied by the franchisor and I concentrate on the organisational aspects. This enables everyone to utilise their strengths, and this in turn helps the company to grow." 

"As a franchisee using – Languages for children, I have managed to achieve several professional goals. I am back working in the field of linguistics which has always interested me and I am able to work from home with flexible working times. Plus although I am self-employed, I do not feel that I have been left alone as I get regular support from the franchise. I am completely satisfied!"

"I was looking for a concept which would give me the opportunity to work part-time and to utilise my training and work experience. I was also looking for a franchise with affordable fees. With – Languages for children, I have found all these things!" 

"If you are looking to start a company in which your investments quickly pay back, then – Languages for children is for you. The earning potential is very good especially if you have your own premises. The courses fill up quickly through word of mouth thus giving you a secure source of income."

"I have been provided with support from the – Languages for children franchise, - especially during the beginning of my self-employment - in areas which I found challenging. I received intensive educational training and by visiting lots of courses I was able to understand the stages of a play lesson. All this has helped me launch and facilitate my own language play school. If problems or questions arise, I always get quick and good advice."

"When I first saw the – Languages for children advert online I was drawn to it immediately. The large amount of organisational and commercial aspects related to education has enabled me to have the work life balance I was looking for."