The trademark - Languages ​​for Children

We not only represent quality, continuity and professionalism but guarantee a fair system thereby helping you to profit from our knowledge and our great wealth of experience.

- Languages for Children has been active on the European market since 1997 and is rapidly growing. - Languages for Children offers you the following advantages:

  • you make use of the registered trademark and profit from the familiarity of its brandname
  • you will receive area protection and will become active in an area exclusively reserved for you
  • you can take advantage of our economic management know-how and our pedagogical concept that has been developed over the years and is being continuously brought up to date
  • you will profit from fully developed structures and networks

We place great value on:

  • common synergetic and scale effects
  • improving our brand image
  • a well-balanced price performance relationship!

From the start-up of a business to your first customer and even beyond that we will assure you of our comprehensive, individual and competent support in business as well as pedagogical matters.

Advice regarding establishing a company

Our competent advisors will support you in setting up your business, in advising you on the executive management, on marketing measures, public relations, etc. While you are running your business, our pedagogical supervisors are continuously at your service.


Every new franchisee undergoes at first a comprehensive basic training course, in which besides the fundamental contents and principles of the franchise programme the vital know-how from the fields of executive leadership, marketing and pedagogy is  procured.  Annually held seminars serve to safeguard  quality, to provide up-to-date information and to inform of innovations.

You will receive a completed concept that you can immediately start with at your location. You won't have to wait long for your first customer!