Become a franchisee of - Languages ​​for Children

As franchisee you have acquired a frequently tried and tested successful business model that has proven its value since 1997. As such you are an independent entrepreneur responsible for your own decisions and implement the entrepreneurial concept at your own location.

You can secure your living on a scale that suits you – to a small or to a full extent. You can decide which languages you wish to offer. If you are a pedagogue, then we will advise you on all economic matters. If you possess commercial and administrative abilities, we will help you find and train the suitable playinstructors for example.

We have access to a high-quality concept pedagogically as well as economically speaking.

Educational Materials

The pedagogical materials that you will be handed over are practically oriented and contain concrete instructions for the playinstructors. These extensive materials are at the moment available in English, Spanish, French and German. Materials for various age groups will be made available for you as well as an introductory book, in which the method and the implementation of the materials are explained. Further extensive teaching materials such as flashcards, posters, CD's as well as quite a few additional resources will help you make the playlessons for your children more attractive.

You will receive the full equipment to be able to work in various institutions such as kindergartens or schools or the children come to their own place of learning where they are looked after in group or individual courses. Thus, you will be fully provided with all materials within the realm of your activity and can completely devote yourself to your customers. 

We are furthermore continuing to develop the teaching concept for you and will regularly provide you with updates!


In the field of executive leadership you will receive by means of a high-qualitiy franchise handbook  comprehensive recommendations, tips, pieces of advice and forms for the management of your own successful children's language school. The franchise handbook is based on many years of experience of - Languages for Children and describes in a practically oriented manner the whole daily routine of  a children's language school.

Experience and Knowledge of - Languages for children

The store of experience that has been amassed in the course of years by the franchisor is especially important here. You will receive everything from A to Z to run a children's language school an you can get going right away. Thus, we will also provide you with numerous promotional materials such as flyers, folded brochures, presentation folders, posters, etc.

By means of our central homepage and its postal district code search all the children's language schools are within your reach. On a subpage you will see your children's language school being presented all by itself and centrally advertised via online marketing measures by - Languages for Children. Within a few hours you can put your own internet page together very easily and all on your own without requiring any special IT-knowledge.